Friday , 23 August 2019


Two years after WannaCry, a million computers remain at risk

Two years ago today, a powerful ransomware began spreading across the world. WannaCry spread like wildfire, encrypting hundreds of thousands of computers in over 150 countries in a matter of hours. It was the first time that ransomware, a malware that encrypts a user’s files and demands cryptocurrency in ransom to unlock them, had spread across the world in what ... Read More »

Hotstar, Disney’s Indian streaming service, sets new global record for live viewership

India’s video streaming giant Hotstar, owned by Disney, today set a new global benchmark for the number of people an OTT service can draw to a live event. Some 18.6 million users simultaneously tuned into Hotstar’s website and app to watch the deciding game of the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament. The streaming giant, which ... Read More »

Where cannabis investors see the next big wave? In precision dosing

Women and seniors are joining the cannabis movement, and that’s presenting new investing opportunities, according to a panel of cannabis investors who we interviewed several days ago at an event organized by the cross-border venture firm DCM. Specifically, they say, expect to see an uptick in products of all types that make it easier to consume small and controlled amounts ... Read More »

Everything we still want to see in the OnePlus 7 Pro

We’re expecting to see the OnePlus 7 Pro launch on May 14, alongside the non-pro OnePlus 7, at OnePlus’ community launch event. There’s a lot we already know, thanks to a combination of OnePlus’ slow drip-feed of information, and a plethora of leaks, but there’s still a lot we’ve yet to find out.The big question mark lies over the ‘Pro’ ... Read More »

Friend portability is the must-have Facebook regulation

Choice for consumers compels fair treatment by corporations. When people can easily move to a competitor, it creates a natural market dynamic coercing a business to act right. When we can’t, other regulations just leave us trapped with a pig in a fresh coat of lipstick. That’s why as the FTC considers how many billions to fine Facebook or which ... Read More »

A lightweight Tinder Lite app is in the works for emerging markets

We’ve seen Twitter Lite, and Facebook Lite, and many others, and now Tinder is getting in on the act – it says it’s developing a lightweight version of its dating app for emerging markets with spotty connections and cheaper phones.For big tech companies looking to crack India and other countries as they get up to speed, a Lite app makes ... Read More »

Brighton vs Man City live stream: how to watch today’s Premier League football online

So can Manchester City do it? The 2018/19 Premier League title is theirs to lose as they head to Brighton on the last day of the season. A win would seal a second consecutive championship. And you’ve come to the right place to see how to obtain a legal Brighton vs Man City live stream – regardless of where you ... Read More »

The future of voice recognition: meet your AI-controlled ‘digital twin’

This is a re-published article that we’ve picked as one of our favorites of the last year from our suite of TechRadar Originals.Speech is a much more natural way of interacting with devices than poking at buttons and screens, and its popularity has exploded in recent years, with voice-enabled digital assistants now integrated into virtually every household device imaginable.That growth ... Read More »

Liverpool vs Wolves live stream: how to watch today’s Premier League football online

Well it all comes down to this for Liverpool in this season’s Premier League. They’ve hung in all the way and one last victory against Wolves could make them champions for the first time in almost 30 years. And you’re in the right place to get a Liverpool vs Wolves live stream in the Premier League – regardless of where ... Read More »

Week-in-Review: Google impersonates Apple and Bezos eyes the moon

After Mark Zuckerberg’s privacy mea culpa at F8 last week, Google got its turn at I/O to promise consumers that their data wasn’t going anywhere that they didn’t want it to go. In short: they aimed to take a page from Apple. For Google, a clear strategy at the event was essentially highlighting how it wasn’t collecting user data in ... Read More »