Wednesday , 18 September 2019


Here’s how iPhone and iPad syncing will work in macOS Catalina

We had pretty well expected iTunes to be dramatically changed with the debut of macOS 10.15 Catalina, but we didn’t think Apple was going to outright kill it. But, now that iTunes is no more in the new Mac operating system, you still need to manage your iPhone and iPad in a post-iTunes world, and Wccftech has spotted how.Signs had ... Read More »

IKEA’s custom accessories offer high-level ergonomics to the average gamer

IKEA has just announced a new range of gaming accessories which are 3D-printed, including a wrist support that can be tailored to fit your own personal size. The idea with these goodies is to help you play better, offering accessibility and ergonomic improvements not normally seen at a relatively affordable price level.Specifically, IKEA is introducing the Uppkoppla range, developed in ... Read More »

Apple Watch: the ultimate guide to pick your next iPhone compatible watch

Update: Your existing Apple Watch may be ready to get upgraded to the newly announced watchOS 6 in the next few months. You’ll find some more details in the software section below…Donning an Apple Watch in 2019 is a little more tempting because of new deals, fresh features, the watchOS 5 update and a higher app count. It’s a fantastic ... Read More »

Camera rumors 2019: the biggest and best camera rumors around

We’re almost halfway through 2019 and we’ve seen some great cameras and lenses already – but we’re sure there’s plenty more to surface before the year is up.Key highlights so far include Fujifilm’s monstrous GFX 100 medium format model, as well as Panasonic’s 6K-ready S1H and Canon’s super-affordable EOS RP full-frame mirrorless camera. So what happens next? We have an idea ... Read More »

What we’ve learned about iPhone 11 from iOS 13

Apple unveiled iOS 13 – its next big software update to hit iPhones later in 2019 – at its WWDC 2019 keynote, and while we know it will come to current iPhones, we also expect it to feature on the iPhone 11.While Apple hasn’t confirmed any details about the next iPhone – not even its existence – the Cupertino, California ... Read More »

Security stays hot as Imperva grabs Distil Networks

Last week 4 security companies changed hands. The shopping spree continued this week with CDN company Imperva, announcing it was buying bot mitigation startup Distil Networks. The companies did not share the acquisition price. Imperva CTO Kunal Anand says his company had a narrow bot capability, but was looking to bring a more complete solution to the platform and Distil ... Read More »

Spotify launches its lightweight listening app Stations in the US

Spotify Stations, the streaming service’s lightweight listening app offering easy access to curated playlists, has arrived in the U.S. The app has been considered an experiment by Spotify — and by some others, a Pandora copycat, due to its support for instant music playback at launch. The Stations app is designed for those who want a more radio-like experience, rather ... Read More »

NASA research crew embarks on mock mission to Mars moon

Space is hard on humans – it’s just not what we’re used to, because it’s very unlike this Earth most of us generally occupy for most of our lives. That’s why researchers do plenty of experimentation to figure out what it’s like for people to live and work in space, like a new experiment underway as of May 24 in ... Read More »

Tinder adds sexual orientation and gender identity to its profiles

Tinder is adding information about sexual orientation and gender identity to its profiles. The company worked with the LGBTQ advocacy organization GLAAD on changes to its dating app to make it more inclusive. Users who want to edit or add more information about their sexual orientation can now simply edit their profile. When a Tinder user taps on the “orientation” ... Read More »

Jewish dating app JCrush exposed user data and private messages

A security lapse at JCrush, a dating app designed for the Jewish community, left a databases open without a password, exposing sensitive user records and private messages to anyone who knew where to look. The site’s backend database had around around 200,000 user records, according to security researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, who shared their findings exclusively with TechCrunch ... Read More »