Monday , 20 May 2019


As Midwest Freezes, Aussie Heatwave Reaches Record Highs

While Midwest America hunkers down for the coldest temperatures in a generation, temperature records have also tumbled across South Australia, with the city of Adelaide experiencing its hottest day on record. Life-threatening cold is sweeping across Chicago… As Australians face animal culls, mass fish deaths across the nation,  roads melting, and bats falling from trees… Adelaide hit 46.6C, the hottest temperature recording ... Read More »

Amidst Global Warming Hysteria, NASA Scientists Expect Global Cooling

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, Those promoting CO2 as the reason for global warming are hucksters and those taken in by hucksters. Please consider NASA Sees Climate Cooling Trend Thanks to Low Sun Activity. “We see a cooling trend,” said Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center. “High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing ... Read More »

$1 Billion China-Financed LA Skyscraper Complex Mysteriously Halts Construction

One of the biggest real estate development projects in downtown Los Angeles has suddenly stopped, potentially as a result of the project’s Chinese financing drying up – or an FBI investigation. The LA Times reports that Oceanwide Plaza, a $1 billion condominium/hotel/retail complex across the street from the Staples Center that is expected to be a key part of a ... Read More »

China Test-Fires “Guam Killer” Dong-Feng Missile

Beijing has test-fired its Dong-Feng 26 (DF-26) so-called “Guam killer” missile which can reportedly reach targets up to 3,500 miles away. While no specific threat has been made against Guam, experts cited by Chinese state media say the missiles can reach the Micronesian US island territory which houses several US military bases. Footage broadcast on state television showed the DF-26 missiles ... Read More »

Progressives Helped Pave The Way For These “Russian Asset” Bernie Smears

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via, The other day I published an article saying we can expect to see more and more smear campaigns painting progressives as Kremlin agents and useful idiots of Putin as the 2020 election draws closer. Since the publication of that piece two things have happened: a report that Bernie Sanders is about to announce his 2020 presidential candidacy, and ... Read More »

‘Hitlers’ Everywhere – Russia, America, Venezuela, & Catholic Youth?

Authored by CJ Hopkins via The Unz Review, Mister Charlie Told Me So Say what you will about the current zeitgeist, at least it’s often entertaining … albeit in a psychotic Charlie Manson kind of way. Last week, for example, when Russian Hitler ordered Russian-intelligence-asset Hitler to support a coup against Venezuelan Hitler (i.e., Russian Hitler’s South American ally) to ... Read More »

No CNN… The US Intelligence Chief Actually Vindicated Trump’s Syria Exit

America’s top intelligence chief has said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is set to retake the entire country in the near future. “President Bashar al-Assad has largely defeated the opposition and is now seeking to regain control over all of the Syrian territory,” Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said during a Senate committee hearing on Tuesday. And in comments that appeared to vindicate President Trump’s Syria ... Read More »

3 Things I Learned At Davos 2019

Authored by Huw van Steenis via, The mood at Davos 2019 was the most uncertain in years. Trade tensions between the US and China, slowing global growth, the backlash against big tech, volatile markets and political standoffs are sowing seeds of doubt with investors and business leaders. It’s a long way from the heady exuberance of last year. Conversation was dominated ... Read More »

Exiled Venezuelan Colonel Arrested In Daring Cross-border Mission

In what appears a wild and bizarre attempt to kick start an “arm the moderate rebels” campaign or establish a “Free Venezuelan Army” of sorts, a rogue Venezuelan colonel who’d been living in exile was arrested after he slipped back into the country as part of a clandestine operation to organize and arm the opposition. The arrest and detention of 54-year ... Read More »

Huawei Asks Suppliers To Move Production Out Of US: Nikkei

The sweeping indictment against Huawei and its CFO Meng Wanzhou unveiled by Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker on Monday has elevated the feud between the US and the world’s largest telecoms equipment provider (and second largest maker of smartphones) to absurd new heights. And while officials from Huawei and Beijing have denounced the charges as anti-competitive and “politically motivated”, Huawei ... Read More »