Sunday , 21 July 2019


Beige Book Describes A Solid, Stable “Modestly Expanding” Economy… So Time For A Rate Cut?

Back in June, following the April downgrade in the Fed ‘s  assessment of the US economy, the Fed’s Beige Book signaled a “slight improvement” in the economy, describing economic activity expanding at a “modest pace overall” from April through mid-May, and dropping the “slight” classifier. Now, one month later, the economy appears to be expanding on its recent recovery as economic ... Read More »

Martin Armstrong Warns Epstein Case Could Shake Global Confidence

Via Greg Hunter’s, Legendary geopolitical and financial analyst Martin Armstrong says America’s economy is like being “the prettiest ugly sister in the family” of nations. So, if the U.S. economy is so good, why the rush to cut interest rates? Armstrong explains, “It’s really the world economy which is in serious trouble. You really have to look closely and pay ... Read More »

Oil Prices Plunge After Trump Sends Rand Paul To Ease Tensions With Iran

A huge development that could roll back fast escalating tensions between Washington and Tehran in the Persian Gulf: Politico reports that Sen. Rand Paul — the outspoken anti-interventionist Libertarian Republican from Kentucky — has been handpicked by President Trump as his emissary to mediate with Iran after the Kentucky senator proposed the idea. Trump reportedly signed off on the plan this weekend, first pitched by ... Read More »

76 Billion Opioid Pills: Bombshell Report Unmasks Who Is Responsible For Epidemic 

US District Judge Dan Polster presiding over nationwide opioid litigation dismissed an order that now allows the general public, for the first time ever, to examine opioid sales from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System (ARCOS) that details how the opioid epidemic exploded into almost every community across the US from 2006 through 2012. “The ... Read More »

Mike Flynn Judge Hauls Former Lawyers Back Into Court; Accused Of Withholding Case Files

A DC federal judge has ordered Michael Flynn’s former attorneys to appear in court next month after Flynn’s current legal counsel claims they haven’t been given the entire case file by the team at Covington & Burling.  Judge Emmet Sullivan, and Obama appointee, scheduled a status conference for August 27 at 11 a.m., and has invited a Senior Legal Ethics Counsel to weigh in ... Read More »

El Chapo Gets Life Sentence For Moving “Mountains Of Cocaine”; Likely Headed To Colorado ‘Supermax’

The notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been handed a life sentence to be served out in a US prison by a federal judge in Brooklyn on Wednesday, five months following his initial conviction after the 2017 extradition from Mexico which grabbed world headlines.  The 62-year-old drug lord had previously twice escaped Mexican prisons before being brought to the US to face ... Read More »

Searches For “Canceling Amazon Prime” Soar 18X On Prime Day

If this one piece of unscientific, preliminary data is to be believed, Amazon’s Prime Day may have finally hit a speed bump. According to Bloomberg, internet searches for the term “canceling Amazon prime” were 18 times higher at the beginning of Amazon‘s two day sale than the previous day. The data could suggest that shoppers are interested in discounts, but without ... Read More »

Tesla Claims Secret Project Has Fallen Into Chinese Rival’s Hands

Authored by John LeSage via, Tesla and Apple both suspect that their self-driving car technology has been stolen by engineers who went over to a Chinese competitor. That’s a very time-sensitive claim, with intellectual property theft being a central issue in President Donald Trump’s intense trade war against China. The electric carmaker filed a lawsuit against, the U.S. research ... Read More »

Boeing Thinks A Human Life Is Worth Just $150,000

Two weeks ago, we noted how, after ignoring them for months (presumably at the behest of its legal department), Boeing had decided to dedicate $100 million (roughly 1% of its 2018 revenue) to the families of the victims from the Lion Air and Ethiopian Air crashes. However, that number came with a catch: Some of the money would be used ... Read More »

Global Central Banks “Are Trapped By Their Own Inflation Targets”

Authored by Richard Breslow via Bloomberg, Negative Rates Would Lead To #Chaos Central bankers attending the G-7 meeting are sounding remarkably coordinated in their message. The global economy is growing but inflation isn’t. And that, along with the oft-cited global headwinds, means they’re ready and able to add more liquidity to the system. In the case of the U.S. they ... Read More »