Friday , 20 September 2019


With China Away, Algos Will Play – Stocks Melt-Up As Earnings Throw-Up

With China taking the week off for Lunar New Year, it seems vol-selling is back en vogue as overnight tape-bomb-risk ‘may’ have been removed (as well as immediate Chinese financial system liquidity issues). Do not worry, risk is “contained”…   China closed so no equity market but the yuan tumbled overnight… European stocks were generally lower on the day but ... Read More »

In Exit Interview, Bill Gross Says Hedge Fund Model “Has Been Broken For A Long Time”

News that legendary investor and one-time “Bond King” Bill Gross would retire from investing after nearly five decades in the asset management business – a storied career where he built PIMCO into a giant in the industry while managing its Total Return bond fund, the largest mutual fund in the world – was perhaps the biggest investing headline during a ... Read More »

OPEC’s Oil Princes Are Fighting For Survival

Authored by Cyril Widdershoven via, The already strained relationship between U.S. lawmakers and two of President Trump’s staunchest supporters, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, seems to be worsening. In recent days, reports have indicated that a growing number of U.S. congressmen and women is expected to pass a resolution which will ... Read More »

More Millennials Own A Cannabis Stock Than Apple

Like Peter Lynch once said, consumers should stick to investing in what they know. And apparently, millennials who use the RobinHood free stock-trading app have taken this advice to heart. According to Business Insider, shares of Aurora Cannabis, the Canadian cannabis producer, are now more popular among the app’s (mostly millennial) users than Apple. That’s not to say millennials aren’t ... Read More »

Here We Go: Fed “Finds” That Negative Rates Would Have Helped The Recovery

Several days ago, the ECB sparked the ire of pretty much anyone with a working frontal lobe when it made the indefensible claim that, drumroll, QE had helped reduce inequality. ECB asset purchases have reduced inequality in the eurozone, our research shows. They have especially benefited low-income households, which suffer the most from unemployment. Full Research Bulletin here ... Read More »

Ratings For “Worst Super Bowl Ever” Hit 10-Year Low

Last night’s Super Bowl – dubbed the “worst super bowl ever” by sportswriter Jeff Pearlman – had the worst ratings in a decade, according to Deadline.  when it comes to ratings, Super Bowl LIII is not one anyone’s going to want to brag about. Shown on CBS for the first time since 2016 and with ad spots going for around $5 million each, the Rams’ ... Read More »

Here Are The Three Companies Apple May Buy Next, According To JPM

With Apple’s growth rate appearing to have plateaued now that the iPhone market appears to be saturated and the company reporting its first holiday quarter iPhone revenue decline since 2000… … questions are starting to swirl if and how Apple will use its record $130 billion in net cash, along with some $45 billion in cash flow generated every year ... Read More »

How At-Home Crypto Mining Outperforms Buying Crypto

Authored by Farbood Nivi via, Introduction Looking in from the outside, cryptocurrency mining can be opaque and confusing. It is intimidating to learn about, to say nothing of trying to determine whether it makes sense to actually participate in. In fact, this is exactly why we started Coinmine — — to make crypto and powering crypto easy. To date, one consistent ... Read More »

Buffett, Shiller, Bogle, & Tobin: Valuations, Forward Returns & Winning The Long-Game

Authored by Lance Roberts via, What a difference just a couple of months can make… Since the financial crisis, there has been much commentary written about the low forward returns on stocks over the subsequent 10-year period from high valuation levels. The chart below shows the forward 10-year returns from previously valuation levels. However, just a couple of months ... Read More »

“We Could Be At A Turning Point”: Small Business Confidence Is Suddenly Collapsing

Having soared to all time highs in 2018 cheering Trump’s tax cuts, economic confidence among small businesses has hit its lowest level since the 2016 election, according to a new report. Heading into 2019, small businesses are becoming more cautious about their plans for spending, whether investments or hiring new employees. Some are already reacting to slowing sales, while others ... Read More »