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Don’t worry, this rocket-launching Chinese robo-boat is strictly for science

It seems inevitable that the high seas will eventually play host to a sort of proxy war as automated vessels clash over territory for the algae farms we’ll soon need to feed the growing population. But this rocket-launching robo-boat is a peacetime vessel concerned only with global weather patterns. The craft is what’s called an unmanned semi-submersible vehicle, or USSV, ... Read More »

Pandora-powered channels will come to SiriusXM’s app this year

SiriusXM this week offered a few more details on how it plans to leverage its newest asset, Pandora, following its $3.5 billion acquisition of the streaming music service last year, which officially closes on Friday. At the time of the deal, the company spoke about the potential for cross-promotion opportunities between the services and new subscription packages. Now, those efforts ... Read More »

Sources: Clutter is raising $200-250M led by SoftBank for on-demand storage and moving

Marie Kondo’s rise as a cultural icon shows there’s big business to be had in sorting out a mess. And startups are also hoping to get in on the action. TechCrunch has learned that Clutter, a storage-on-demand service that packs up, takes away, stores and returns your possessions at the click of an app, is raising between $200 million and $250 ... Read More »

Rana el Kaliouby and Alexei Efroswill be speaking at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI April 18 at UC Berkeley

TechCrunch’s third robotics event is just over two and a half months away, and it’s already shaping up to be a doozy. We’ve already announced Anca Dragan, Hany Farid, Melonee Wise and Peter Barrett for our event and have an exciting pair of new names to share with you. UC Berkeley’s Alexei Efros and Affectiva CEO Rana el Kaliouby will ... Read More »

Top Russian Official Urges Parliament To Discuss Draft Crypto Bill Without Further Delays

Authored by Ana Berman via, The chairman of the upper house of Russian parliament has urged MPs to expedite their work on digital economy bills that include a draft on crypto regulation, local news agency TASS reports on Tuesday, Jan. 29. image courtesy of CoinTelegraph Valentina Matvienko, who has headed the Federation Council since 2011, spoke to officials from several institutions, including the Upper House ... Read More »

Beijing Mocks “Insecure” United States Over Russia, China Fears

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang responded on Wednesday to Dan Coats’s Tuesday testimony at the Capitol in which the White House National Intelligence Director argued that Beijing and Moscow are actively plotting to undermine Washington’s global dominance and undermine democracy worldwide, reports Newsweek. Coates said that Russia and China pose unique, separate challenges along with North Korea and Iran – which he ... Read More »

Europe Launches SWIFT Alternative To Send Money To Iran

In a move sure to unleash fury from the Trump administration, the European Union has announced it has set up a transactions channel with Iran to bypass US sanctions. The launch of INSTEX — or “Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges” — by France, Germany, and the UK will allow non-dollar trade with Iran and is being described as facilitating humanitarian goods-related transactions ... Read More »

Why Are So Many US College Students Homeless (Or “Get Long Pitchforks”)

Via Global Macro Monitor, Two-speed economies everywhere you look. Young And Left Do you wonder why the young are moving lefty? The one percenters better start stepping up making social investments to generate a more stable future society in order to protect their wealth.   Investments in human capital, such as means-tested free education and better healthcare.   It’s coming either way. ... Read More »

S&P Tops 2,700, Dow Above 25k As Powell-Pump Continues

After tumbling all the way to unchanged from the FOMC, The Dow has v-shape-recovered as The Powell-Put is scooted up right under the market.   The S&P is back above 2,700 – near two-month highs…   And The Dow is back above 25,000…back above its 200DMA   How long before Powell starts to feel hawkish again? Read More »

Digital influencers and the dollars that follow them

Sunny Dhillon Contributor Sunny Dhillon is a partner at Signia Venture Partners. More posts by this contributor Security tokens will be coming soon to an exchange near you Amazon’s next conquest will be apparel Animated characters are as old as human storytelling itself, dating back thousands of years to cave drawings that depict animals in motion. It was really in ... Read More »