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IBM builds a more diverse million-face dataset to help reduce bias in AI

Encoding biases into machine learning models, and in general into the constructs we refer to as AI, is nearly inescapable — but we can sure do better than we have in past years. IBM is hoping that a new database of a million faces more reflective of those in the real world will help. Facial recognition being relied on for ... Read More »

Report: Apple’s video streaming service to launch this spring

Apple’s new streaming service is poised to launch this spring, according to The Information, citing three unnamed sources. Tucked away in a report about Amazon’s plans to dial down its efforts with its subscription video offering, The Information noted that Apple has been telling entertainment partners to be ready for a mid-April launch for the streaming service. But the report also ... Read More »

Daily Crunch: FaceTime bug allows eavesdropping

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here: 1. Apple disables group calling in FaceTime in response to eavesdropping bug Apple has disabled the group calling feature within its FaceTime calling service while it works ... Read More »

Darkstore raises $7.5 million Series A round for its same-day fulfillment center

Darkstore, a technology-driven fulfillment solution for companies like Nike and others, has raised a $7.5 million Series A round. With the additional funding in hand, Darkstore plans to expand its fulfillment center into more categories. Currently, Darkstore fulfills products for brands in the areas of footwear, home and consumer electronics. With the funding, Darkstore will expand into lifestyle, health and ... Read More »

Nvidia’s Quadro Virtual Workstations are now available on Azure

Nvidia today announced that its Quadro Virtual Machine Workstation (vWS) is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The promise of the Quadro vWS it to allow businesses to run high-end graphics applications in the cloud, using any of the Nvidia’s high-end and mid-level cloud  GPUs like the P100, V100, P4 or P40. For the Azure cloud, this specifically means that ... Read More »

Tesla Facing $920 Million Debt Bill If Its Stock Doesn’t Rally 21% In 4 Weeks

One of the ongoing sub-plots that Tesla saga participants have been watching closely has been how the company plans to deal with $920 million of convertible bonds that are maturing in just about four weeks, on March 1. As we exit January and head into February, the clock is officially ticking for the company to try and manage how it is going to ... Read More »

Gold Jumps To 8-Month Highs As Geopolitical Chaos Reigns

Gold extended gains to an eight-month high as fallout from geopolitical turmoil including US-China trade tensions, a WW3-inducing Venezuelan ‘coup’, and Brexit uncertainty has spurred demand for the safe-haven metal.   Spot gold is now at its highest since May 2018 against the USDollar… Gold is also strong against the yuan (but not breaking out yet)… And against the pound… Read More »

Is The Permian Bull Run Coming To An End?

Authored by Kurt Cobb via, The bad news coming out of the shale oil fields of America could all be put down to slumping oil prices. That is certainly a big factor. But as investment professionals like to say, when the tide goes out, we all find out who’s been skinny-dipping. The pattern of negative news from shale country ... Read More »

Roger Stone Enters ‘Not Guilty’ Plea

Roger Stone has officially entered a plea of ‘not guilty’ on Tuesday morning to seven criminal charges including charges of making false statements to Congress, witness tampering and obstruction of justice, according to CNN. After warning for months that he would likely be indicted, Stone on Friday became the 34th person charged in the Mueller probe. Once Magistrate Judge Deborah ... Read More »

6 Reasons Why Goldman Is Betting On An Imminent VIX Surge

Traders are becoming increasingly jittery about a potential risk spike in the coming days. One day after Nomura’s Charlie McElligott timed the potential day of max pain for longs as Jan 31, when some $7.5BN in MBS will roll off the Fed’s balance sheet, an event which historically been accompanied by acute drops in the market… … an unexpected new ... Read More »