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UK SMEs using technology to overcome their fears

UK SMEs feel positive about the economy and their strategies for the future despite facing a host of challenges in 2019 according to a new study from American Express conducted by Oxford Economics.The research, which is conducted annually among senior executives and decision-makers in SMEs across 15 countries, shows that UK SMES are remaining resilient even when faced with old ... Read More »

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: what we want to see

Over the last few years, Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup has consistently pumped out some of the best Windows tablets and 2-in-1 laptops we’ve seen. But, when the Surface Pro 6 launched with few substantial changes, we started wondering when we could expect more meaningful improvements on the Surface formula.Cue the Surface Pro 7, which we’re starting to see all kinds ... Read More »

Best secure drives 2019: top USB drives to protect your data

Whenever you carry important data around with you on a USB stick or external hard drive, you’re running the risk of other people getting hold of it, either through physically stealing the drives, or leaving it somewhere public.In this guide to the best secure drives of 2019, we look at the top data storage devices that will allow you carry ... Read More »

One in five email attacks uses compromised accounts

Account takeover-based (ATO) attacks now comprise 20 percent of all advanced email attacks according to new research from the email security and protection company Agari.The firm’s recently published Q1 2018 Email Fraud & Identity Deception Trends report found that ATO attacks are rising in popularity among cybercriminals because they are more difficult to detect than traditional attacks and can bypass ... Read More »

Final Fantasy 7 remake: trailers, release date, news and features

First released in 1997, Final Fantasy 7 immediately cemented its place as one of the best JRPG titles around and introduced an entire genre to millions of gamers globally.Due to the success of Final Fantasy 7 over 20 years ago (and the pleads from die hard fans), Square Enix is releasing a remake. Not only because that seems to be ... Read More »

Cloud movie locker UltraViolet is finally closing

UltraViolet, an older “cloud movie locker” service, is shutting down. The service, which allowed consumers to unlock a digital copy of their DVDs and Blu-Rays, was something of a transitional step between the age of physical media and today’s streaming video landscape. Over time, it’s become less necessary for consumers, as movie marketplaces and subscription services now offer extensive libraries ... Read More »

Bernie Sanders Proposes 77% Estate Tax For Billionaires

Jumping on the “tax the rich” bandwagon, senator Bernie Sanders has proposed to expand the estate tax on wealthy Americans, including a rate of up to 77% on the value of estates above $1 billion. Sanders, who is considering a fresh run for president, said in a statement his plan would apply to the wealthiest 0.2% of Americans, with Bloomberg ... Read More »

9 Dead As ‘Polar Vortex’ Leaves 11 States Colder Than North Pole ; Hell (Literally) Freezes Over

Midwesterners continue to struggle with the lingering effects of the dreaded ‘Polar Vortex’. The coldest location in the U.S. on Thursday was Cotton, Minn., where the temperature reached minus 56 °F. The coldest location in the U.S. on Wednesday was Norris Camp, Minn., where it was minus 48 °F, with a wind chill of minus 65 °F. The sub-zero Arctic-style temperatures across much of ... Read More »

Trump Warns “Either Very Big Deal With China Or We’ll Postpone”; Says No “Shutdown Deal” Without Wall

With the second day of trade talks between China and the US drawing to a close, President Trump said he would either strike a very big trade deal with China or “postpone” it, but it was not clear precisely what he was referring to. “This isn’t going to be a small deal with China. This is either going to be ... Read More »

Facebook users who quit the social network for a month feel happier

New research out of Stanford and New York University took a look at what happens when people step back from Facebook for a month. Through Facebook, the research team recruited 2,488 people who averaged an hour of Facebook use each day. After assessing their “willingness to accept” the idea of deactivating their account for a month, the study assigned eligible ... Read More »