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Cheap internet of things gadgets betray you even after you toss them in the trash

You may think that the worst you’ll risk by buying a bargain-bin smart bulb or security camera will be a bit of extra trouble setting it up or a lack of settings. But it’s not just while they’re plugged in that these slapdash gadgets are a security risk — even from the garbage can, they can still compromise your network. ... Read More »

So If Half Of Facebook Accounts Are Fake… What Is It Worth?

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, The social media space is absolutely ripe for a new entrant who demands arduous verification and constantly monitors its user base to eliminate cloned and fake accounts. How many accounts on Facebook are fake? Recent estimates of half could be low. Here’s an experiment: open a Facebook account with a name that cannot ... Read More »

Watch Live: Jay Powell Explains How ‘Everything Is Awesome’ Despite Fed’s Fold

With the housing market in freefall, sentiment slumping, earnings expectations plunging, but stocks soaring; Fed Chair Jay Powell better stick to the script today in his press conference – “patient” not “auto-pilot”, “patient” not “auto-pilot”, “patient” not “auto-pilot”, “patient” not “auto-pilot”… The Fed says economic activity rising at solid rate, jobs strong (labor market strengthened, unemployment remained low), and spending ... Read More »

Injuries Reported In Incident Involving President Trump’s Motorcade Outside White House

An incident involving a protester jumping in front of President Trump’s motorcade outside the White House on Wednesday has resulted in injures, according to media reports. Reports suggest a protester jumped in front of a vehicle. A secret service member was reportedly hit by the motorcade when he tried to intervene. Here’s what we know so far: An eyewitness tells ... Read More »

Dollar Dumps, Curve Steepens, Stocks Soar As Fed Sets Stage For QE4

The doves got everything they wanted – “patient”, “flexible” and a Fed that is positive on the economy? The reaction is consistent – bonds and stocks bid, the dollar offered as Powell sets the stage for an even bigger reversal to save the world… The dollar is getting hammered…   Bond yields are tumbling…   The yield curve is bull ... Read More »

1 Dead, 6 Wounded After Sniper Opens Fire In Corsica

One person has been killed and another six have been injured after a “sniper”opened fire and stabbed several passers-by in the popular tourist city of Bastia, Corsica.  The unidentified attacker has locked himself in a house with two hostages, according to The shooter, who is believed to be a 70-year-old-man, has engaged in a shootout with police. One of ... Read More »

The Only Grout We Ever Use (And How To Pick The Right Grout Color)

If you’ve got a tiling project in your future (even the distant future), remember, bookmark, voice memo, tattoo, or do whatever you need to do to remember Mapei Flexcolor grout. I know this sounds like I’m overreacting, but take it from people who have grouted 7 bathroom floors, 3 showers, 3 mudrooms, and 2 backsplashes in the last two years: ... Read More »

Internet Explorer 10 set for termination in January 2020

Microsoft has warned users that in addition to ending support for Windows 7 in 2020, Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) will be phased out as well.IE10 was released back in 2012 and in 2016 the tech giant shifted its focus to supporting IE11 and Microsoft Edge letting users know that the previous version of its browser would no longer be supported.However, ... Read More »

Many Xbox Ones aren’t working right now due to Xbox Live outage

If you just tried to turn on your Xbox One and were met with nothing but a black screen: you’re not alone. A particularly bad outage in Xbox Live’s core services is causing the console to get stuck at boot. Microsoft is aware of the outage, and says they’ve “identified the cause”. We are aware of reports of Xbox One ... Read More »

“Patient” FOMC Leaves Rates Unchanged, Talks Down Balance Sheet Unwind Trajectory

With a 1% probability of a rate-hike today, all that matters is The Fed’s tone (better be uber dovish) and any language shifts on the balance sheet normalization. Since The Fed hiked rates in December, Gold is the clear winner… But we note that stocks and the market’s perception of The Fed’s dovish/hawkish-ness are joined at the hip… Somehow, The ... Read More »