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Microsoft Azure revenue growth slows in Q2

Microsoft announced its quarterly earnings today. For the most part, those earnings came in around Wall Streets expectations, without any major surprises and a total revenue of $32.5 billion. Given the company’s bets on cloud computing, what’s maybe most important, though, is that Azure recorded revenue growth of 76 percent. That’s the same growth the company booked in the last ... Read More »

Facebook shares shoot up after strong Q4 earnings despite data breach

Facebook managed to beat Wall Street’s estimates in its Q4 earnings amidst a constant beat down in the press. Facebook hit 2.32 billion monthly users, up 2.2 perecent from 2.27 billion last quarter, speeding up its growth rate. Facebook climbed to 1.52 billion daily active users from 1.49 billion last quarter for a 2 percent growth rate that dwarfed last ... Read More »

Apple’s FaceTime bug will be investigated by New York’s Attorney General

Earlier this week, a bug was found in FaceTime that could let others listen in to your Apple device’s microphone (or, in specific cases, view video from the camera) without you accepting the FaceTime call. Apple disabled the Group FaceTime feature that enabled this bug server-side, thus preventing its future misuse while they worked on a proper patch. Apple says ... Read More »

Stocks, Bonds, Gold Soar As Powell Breaks Curse With Dovish Capitulation

There is only one clip for this… Jay Powell Broke the curse – after 7 straight losing sessions on FOMC days (the most ever for a Fed Chair), The Fed’s total capitulation today was greeted with a rally (helped dramatically by Apple and Boeing) Oct 3: Powell – “economy is overheating” Nov 2: Trump – “not even a little bit ... Read More »

Humpday Humor: How To Know When A Smile Is A Smirk On A Punchable Face

With all the hubbub surrounding the dasterdly deeds of the young men who attend Covington Catholic,’s Mac Slavo thought it appropriate to advise our readers of the facial expressions that may cause others around you to be triggered. Sometimes a smile isn’t a smile. And sometimes, your face may be punchable. Here’s how you’ll know what to do and ... Read More »

Jamie Dimon “Has No Problem” Paying Higher Taxes… There Is Just One Catch

In a moment of rare generosity, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who got into hot water for his Davos comment that his “heart is Democratic but my brain is kind of Republican” said he has “no problem” paying higher taxes, as long as government spends that money wisely. In a statement to CNBC, Dimon said “I believe that individuals earning ... Read More »

Bulls Run Out Of Ammo As Earnings Expectations & Short-Interest Collapse

From the Mnuchin Massacre lows on Xmas Eve, the US equity market soared on the back of the greatest short-squeeze (‘Most Shorted’ stocks up a stunning 22%) since the March 2009 lows… However, the last two weeks have seen ‘most shorted’ stocks suddenly treading water – providing no underlying lift for stocks which have traded rangebound over the same period… ... Read More »

Super Bowl 2019 TV deals: The best deals this week from Sony, LG, Samsung and more

Super Bowl 2019 is now less than one week away, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to take advantage of all the fantastic TV sales that are going on right now. You can find Black Friday like prices on a variety of best-selling TVs from brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung and more. Our top Super Bowl TV ... Read More »

SF denies Spin’s appeal to operate electric scooters, but offers some hope

Spin, the electric scooter company recently bought by Ford, still won’t be able to operate in San Francisco. Well, at least for now. This comes after Spin appealed the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s decision regarding electric scooter permits in the city. A neutral officer, James Doyle, has since denied Spin’s appeal. “The SFMTA is pleased the hearing officer validated ... Read More »

Senator Warner calls on Zuckerberg to support market research consent rules

In response to TechCrunch’s investigation of Facebook paying teens and adults to install a VPN that lets it analyze all their phone’s traffic, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) has sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg. It admonishes Facebook for not spelling out exactly what data the Facebook Research app was collecting or giving users adequate information necessary to determine if they ... Read More »