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Sorry that I took so long to upgrade, Apple

Apple had some bad news tonight. It was so bad in fact that it had to halt trading for a time while posting a grim report that its numbers would be lower than it had forecast at the last quarterly earnings report in November. Apple blamed faltering sales in Asia, particularly in China, for the adjustment, but I’m afraid it can ... Read More »

The number of Alexa skills in the U.S. more than doubled in 2018

Amazon Alexa had a good year as a developer platform – at least in terms of the number of voice apps being built for Alexa, if not yet the monetization of those apps. According to new data published today by Voicebot, the number of Amazon Alexa skills in the U.S. more than doubled over 2018, while the number of skills ... Read More »

FCC Chairman Pai celebrates failure to nullify his net neutrality repeal

As one Congress ends and another begins, many are looking forward to a rebalancing of power — especially in the House of Representatives, which Democrats handily retook in November. But FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is more pleased with what the House failed to do — namely, roll back his repeal of net neutrality rules. To be fair, he does have ... Read More »

Google sat on a Chromecast bug for years, now hackers could wreak havoc

Google was warned of a bug in its Chromecast media streaming stick years ago, but did not fix it. Now, hackers are exploiting the bug — and security researchers say things could get even worse. A hacker, known as Hacker Giraffe, has become the latest person to figure out how to trick Google’s media streamer into playing any YouTube video ... Read More »

Apple lowers guidance on Q1 results

Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a letter today, revising guidance for the company’s Q1 fiscal results. The note highlights a number of reasons for dropping the number, including, perhaps most notably, lower than expected results in emerging markets. “While we anticipated some challenges in key emerging markets, we did not foresee the magnitude of the economic deceleration, particularly in Greater ... Read More »

Will the gaming industry clutch up in 2019?

Joost van Dreunen Contributor Share on Twitter Joost van Dreunen is the co-founder of the game analytics firmSuperData, a Nielsen company. 2019 promises to be a great year in games. Innovation and competition will elevate the industry’s offerings and drive more inclusivity among a broader range of audiences. Cloud gaming emerges as the new frontier and brings about unlikely partnerships. ... Read More »

As market shifts, Atlas Venture closes a $250 million fund to support its breakaway biotech bets

Atlas Venture, the Cambridge, Ma.-based early-stage, biotech-focused venture firm, has for the first time raised an opportunity fund designed to help it support its most promising, maturing portfolio companies. The $250 million fund, announced by the firm this morning, is pretty well-timed as these things go. Though the public markets have bounced back a bit today after several stomach-churning drops ... Read More »

Ninja raked in nearly $10 million in 2018

Twitch superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has finally settled the debate over just how much he earned in 2018. CNN reports that the gaming phenom pulled in close to $10 million last year, a little tidbit that he revealed to CNN during his press campaign on New Years Even in New York City. (He also tried to get the good people ... Read More »

See you in Vegas next week!

It’s on like Donkey Kong! We’ll be seeing you next week, on January 9, 2019 at 6:00 PM, where we’ll mingle and run a full TC pitch-off with a bunch of great hardware companies. I’ve added 40 extra tickets, so hurry! The event will be held at Work In Progress, 317 South 6th Street. Special thanks to those amazing folks ... Read More »

Behold Ultima Thule, the most distant object ever explored by a spacecraft

The New Horizons probe has just sent back its first real shots of Ultima Thule, a 21-mile-long rock or planetesimal deep in the reaches of the solar system — and now the most distant object ever visited up close by mankind. The principal investigator of the mission, Alan Stern, called the accomplishment “a technical success beyond anything ever attempted before ... Read More »