Friday , 20 September 2019

The cheapest Huawei Mate 20 Pro SIM-free deal: O2 has you covered

This January has been a brilliant time to get Huawei Mate 20 Pro deals. We’ve seen endless offers ranging from big data to low monthly costs. But the one thing we hadn’t seen was a good SIM-free offer…until now. O2 has filled that gap, offering up the device for a one time fee of £650. That puts this deal at around £140 cheaper than the next nearest reputable retailer and £249 below the average price for a brand new Mate 20 Pro handset. You can find sites like Laptops Direct and Appliances Direct offering it cheaper on our Huawei Mate 20 SIM-free buying guide. But these are refurbished offers and only manage to drop the prices by about £10 anyway.You do have to add a Pay As You Go plan to get it at this price but that can be as cheap as paying a tenner for a one-off top up. After that you can track down a SIM only deal to complete your cheap phone contract. 
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This cheap Mate 20 Pro price in full:
The best Mate 20 Pro contract deals
Don’t love the idea of paying a hefty fee upfront for the Mate 20 Pro? Well lucky for you there are a tonne of great contract deals floating around on this device right has released a host of top Mate 20 Pro deals recently. Our favourite is definitely this £190 upfront and £32 a month contract with 10GB of data. That is a brilliant price for a phone that commonly sits in the £50 a month region and sometimes higher, and you can even save an extra tenner by entering the code 10OFF at the checkout.Our hands down best pick for the device is from Mobile Phones Direct. No upfront fees, just £41 a month and a whopping 75GB of data has won this deal our Editor’s Pick and a strong recommendation from us.

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